Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WISSOTA 3-link Rule Letter

Dear Promoters, WISSOTA Board of Directors, and Drivers

This letter is intended to bring to light the real issue that has come up with the 3-link rules for the Midwest Modifieds.

During the Annual General Meeting, the topic of the 3-link came up during the transmission issue. Del Arneson said that one way to help reduce this occurrence is to limit the ride height on the cars and that going to a 3-link may help. In the long discussion that followed, it was a general consensus that the easiest, simplest, and most cost effective way to limit the ride height on the Midwest Modifieds was to clamp/weld the birdcage and drop the two upper links.

What we have seen in the result of the meeting is a rule that is so complicated, so limiting, and will force a lot more change than we intended as promoters. The cost will be much more than any of us thought it would be because we all thought we wanted clamped birdcages and dropped links. It was mentioned in the minutes of the Annual General Meeting,

“Bob Timm stated that the tech committee should clarify that they could clamp their current bird cages.”

This is all the promoters asked for from the tech committee to do as everyone had the idea of an effective way to start limiting the ride heights. Rather, the final rule has thrown back many people and has left most of us wondering why we didn’t even get a chance to see the final rule and vote on this just like the shock package. Instead, we received an FYI and no justification or explanation as to why the rule became as large as it has. Why would the board/tech committee decide it was important enough to re-vote on the shocks with the clarified rule and not the 3-link decision?

The transparency of WISSOTA continues to be murky on this decision as it seems some of the Board feels that they are not answerable to the promoters that helped to develop and shape the organization itself. Our mission statement of having a democratic environment does not apparently apply to the 3-link rule that was released.

Based on the new rule presented, teching will become a nightmare. Many tracks have a hard enough time as is looking and teching the cars that finish the race, let alone an entire class of anywhere from 10-30 cars at one track. Measurements will have to be done on link lengths as well as angles. On the other hand, by dropping the upper links, a visual inspection is all that is needed since the birdcages automatically have to be welded or clamped in order for the suspension to work.

It is bad enough that we have forced a change in shocks and a brand new tire package. There is enough for drivers to swallow already in an economy that is staggering.

The purpose of this rule was to make it easy for 4-link and z-link cars to convert their cars to a three link. The difference between the 4 and the 3 is the two extra links and the birdcage itself, nothing else. All the other regulations in the new rule are to reduce speed and traction which is nowhere near the original purpose of the rule passed in November.

It is the intent of this letter to request that the Board of Directors either have the membership vote to accept or decline the tech committee’s proposed ruling, or to pass within the board the original purpose of this rule:

All MW Mods are to have 3-link rear suspension. Current 4 link or Z link cars may become 3 link cars by removing both upper links and welding/clamping birdcages.

This rule can be worded better of course, but this is the basic rule that was originally intended.

The future and stability of WISSOTA is at stake here. The decision to pass the rule as it was created by the Tech Committee has the potential to crack the very foundation of this organization. There comes a point where the membership itself needs to intervene to preserve the integrity of Dirt Track Racing in the region when they feel that the very fabric of their organization could be torn.

Thank you for your time,
Anthony Leek
Borderland Racing Association


  1. I'm hoping WISSOTA does not force me to run Super Stock next season. I didn't buy a Mid-west Modfied to run it with a Super Stock suspension.

  2. these rule changes are like a kick in the teeth, its disapointing to see the direction that they are forcing the mid west mods drivers and teams after all the hard work they put into the cars and now have to start from scratch or move to another class. it seems to me that these rule changes were meant to create equality and simpler designs among the cars but all i see is drivers and teams having to reach even deeper in to there pockets or work harder to find more sponcors, instead of having fun doing what they love.

  3. Bye bye Midwest Modified...I guess I'm spending more on engines again....dam you WISSOTA!

  4. For sale...Midwest Modified engine. $500